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On 30th of May, Good Hands - the trailer house I own -  won its 1st GTA Award: Best Foreign Poster. I have worked as Creative Director. Congratulations to my team, to Catalin Anchidin and High Film Crew for support and to all the other nominees. For film marketing industry, The Golden Trailer Awards is the equivalent of The Oscars. See you next year guys! view poster





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Second in a row: nominated @ Golden Trailer Awards : Most Original Poster - see the nominees above - and Best Foreign Poster. "Roxanne" was one of the most important projects of 2013 @ Good Hands, the movie trailer company I own. Let the games begin, May 30th, Saban Theater, California.



This is the  Romanian theatrical trailer of  "Closer to the Moon"  starring Academy Award Nominee Vera Farmiga, Mark Strong and Harry Llyod (Game of Thrones). The film is based on the true story  of  the greatest heist ever happend in Communist Romania. I was in charge with creative direction of the whole audio-video marketing materials, as well as copywriting and editing the trailers. I am working now on North American trailer.







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The visionary director Nae Caranfil and Mandragora Movies engaged Good Hands to create the visual part of their latest feature film marketing campaing. "Closer to the moon", starring Academy Award Nominee Vera Farmiga and Mark Strong, is based on the true story of the most famous bank robbery ever to have occurred inside Communist Romania. On this one, I worked as creative director.view motion poster





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Good Hands joins the official shortlist of the international trailer houses. You can check the entire list @
Thank you for recognition, GTA:). Good Hands is the movie trailer house I have founded in January 2013.



"Les Films de Cannes a Bucarest" is one of the most important film festivals in Romania. Every year the festival's line up brings the winners and the nominees at Cannes and their crews: directors, producers, actors. This year at Good Hands - the movie trailer company- I was in charge with creative direction and execution of the festival trailer.





Palme D'or Winner Director Cristian Mungiu, also known as The Man Who Changed Oscar's Rules, engaged me to create the U.S. movie trailer for his latest Cannes Awarded Motion Picture  "Beyond the Hills". I produced it entirely from copywritting editing and motitles to the creative input for scoring and sfx.




The producer of   2013 Golden Bear Awarded "Child's Pose"  engaged The Drum & Good Hands to create the visual part of the international marketing campaign. As the creative director of both film marketing agency and trailer company I was in charge with the poster and international trailer: concept, copywritting, editing, motitles and movie logo. Built around the song "Roxanne" by the Police, the movie talks about the mistakes and decisions of the past that might change forever your future.



awards bun 

Congratulation Ignition Creative  for winning  The "Most Original Poster" Award  at The 14th Annual Golden Trailer Awards , also known as The Oscars Of  Feature Film Previews! I am honoured and proud to have received the nomination with "Domestic" at this category. Congrats again to all of the nominees and check out the final results here: 







Decisive, Raging, Unforgettable and Magnificent: This is how The Drum's crew thinks  a film marketing campaign should be like. These are the values we strongly believe in when it comes to market, brand or communicate a motion picture. We thought at a D.R.U.M.  as one of the first ancient tools in communication at the very beginning of human era. In our spare time, together with the guys at the Vfx departament, we came up with idea to build a story from frames that talks about how powerful the impact of our work in movie marketing should be. I was in charge with the concept , texture, lighting and compositing of the teasing design untill the final logo and brand design will be done. see the frames 







To direct music videos turns to be my favourite hobby. When there is no film marketing campaign that I am in charge at The Drum means it is the time to go out and shoot music videos, mainly for Hahaha Production, the number one music label in Romania. Recently I've directed a music video about the haters that are going to hate no matter what an artist is doing to improve himself. "Parap" is the comeback of the Romanian hip hop icon, Cabron. 







As the creative partner of The Drum, the film marketing agency based in Bucharest, Romania, I'm dealing with everything that's related to the visual part of branding a movie: from still & motion posters to featurettes, sales promos and  theatrical & international trailers. At The 14th Annual Golden Trailer Awards  we've been officially selected for "Most Original Poster" category with the international poster of  "Domestic" a comedy about the fun of Romanian neighbourhood. The other nominees are "Argo"(Av/Squad), "Dredd" & "Texas Chainsaw 3d" (Ignition). So proud to be part of this gameview  international poster 





Pepsi  came up with the idea to mix footage from different Romanian music videos directors's summer work. I was in charge with the creative input and the edit. I am proud to be selected with footage from my most recent music video Francesco Diaz feat Radio Killer:  Clothes Off. This is the ad for Pepsi's summer campaign "Ia-ti vara in cap".







A music video about the effects of green colour: its not what you see, it's how you feel like. To recreate the mood I mixed animation shots with live action footage into a colorful music video I directed this summer.






When I left Mediapro Magic - one of the top postproduction houses in Eastern Europe - I felt like I was leaving my lifetime friends: a warm, friendly and sick funny crew made of inspiring copywritters and creatives, leading vfx artists and skilled colorist artists. Mediapro Magic is also the postproduction engine of Mediapro Entertainment - one of the leading producers and distributors of fiction programs in Central and Eastern Europe - and Protv, the no.1 television network in Romania, since 1995. As a creative producer and director was the most challenging of my entire career so far 





A pony, some ducks, a bath, a midget on a snowboard and four drunk girls. What would you be thinking  if you'd have found all of these in a five star hotel room? This is the teaser of my latest music video,"Iarna pe val" by Cabron feat. What's up & Iony. view music video 





Written and directed by Adrian Sitaru, one of the most awarded Romanian Director in the past 20 years, "Domestic" is a movie about pets and peoples' choices to eat or play with them. I was engaged by Adrian Sitaru to create the visual part of the branding process for his movie both international and domestic. I was in charge of the international poster, trailer and the entire domestic video package. 




Loredana, the Romanian Queen of Pop, offers a new perspective on the classic housewife in her latest video “Apa”, which I directed. Loredana’s "Apa" combines glamour and humor in another act from life’s theatrical play: the marriage.

She is a housewife and pretends to be a masterchef-diva and her husband pretends to care. It is all about what men end up doing in the kitchen after a long night out with the boys.




Framing emotions is the brand spot of one of the top Hungarian DPs, Doron Ritter. The concept pictures the DP as a creator who masters the triangle of visual arts - lights-colours-shapes - and who is able to charm the crowd with each frame of his work. Once the lights are on, the audience witnesses a living and mesmerizing world of shapes and colours.





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